Energetic Feng Shui

Energetic Feng Shui harmonizes and balances the energies which support and  stimulate us. As a result, the utmost potential can develop in your home, your company, your garden, and you can employ it for your benefit. The quality of your life improves.

It is based on millenniums old knowledge concerning the natural laws of the earth and their effect on man and his environment. Lines of force flow through the earth and influence it in the same way as energy flows in you and your respective environment and influences your well-being.

Energetic Feng Shui in rooms and landscapes:

Contrary to the widely known traditional Feng Shui, with Energetic Feng Shui there is no need for reconstruction, alterations of interior design or application of special accessories.

Energetic Feng Shui changes the indoor atmosphere without external alterations as, using specific symbols, it exerts a direct influence on the energy flow in your environment. It is comparable to the needles in acupuncture, which adjust and harmonize the energy centers and the energy flow in the human body, healing or preventing illnesses. Interfering influences are dissolved, diverted or blocked off and substituted by positive energies.  Energetic Feng Shui takes into account water veins, electric smog, effects of building materials, energy patterns of former users and other influences emanating from the earth.

A Feng Shui treatment is preceded by on site counseling, during which  the existing situation and its causes are analyzed and the needs and wishes of the client discussed.

Below find the most frequent questions and complaints from clients for whom I have worked with Energetic Feng Shui:

Why is EFS. important for you in your home?

Why is EFS. important for you in your company or on you business premises?

EFS in the garden, in the landscape:

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