Dhuni & Shakti on the 5th of November 2017, from 8 am

This Sunday, the 5th of November 2017, will be again the fire ceremonies Dhuni, Shakti. 
After that, we will have breakfast together. From 10:30 it will be the ACC-update 2017.

I´ll glad to see you soon!


Dhuni are sacred places of fire where Shiva (the male aspect, the creator) and Shakti (the female aspect, the creation) unite. In this fire we experience our common origin. Our will is directed towards the will of God, transformation is made possible, and our creative potential is stimulated.

During the ceremony deep healing can be experienced by those who devote themselves to the energy. Shadows, worries and pain can be burnt, and we can receive happiness.

„Shakti“ is the name for the female force of creation. This female force, which is inherent in every person, man or woman, is invigorated through this fire ceremony. The ceremony also assists the earth in becoming rebalanced.

Shakti Fires take place on full moon nights and on every first Sunday of the month after Dhuni. They are free of charge.


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